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Reviews of The Language of Roses

"This book flew past every expectation that I had of it. It stunned me with how powerfully it tied me to these characters and I absolutely loved it."

"Jones’s prose has a light, lyrical touch perfectly suited for this story and subject."

Jerry L Wheeler, Out in Print

"The prose was quite magical and captivating. Right from the beginning, I was enchanted (pun intended), and wanted to know more, to read more I ended up reading this book in one sitting, start to finish. Didn't even take breaks."

Mila, Goodreads

"I was first sucked in by the beautiful world Jones created. Everything has a plushness with an underlying fragility. Every page was a new exploration into a complicated set of characters and a world where magic felt so real I could practically smell the roses."

"In this book, the author does a great job of portraying the exhaustion and lack of space that can be caused by a toxic relationship: the way someone has to be pacified, the emotional energy that goes into keeping them pleased, the constant, unrelenting, but not overtly cruel encroachment into one's personal time, space, and agency."

Cheyanne, Goodreads

"...twists and turns that will have you second guessing your instincts, without completely deviating from the bones of the story."

Ellie, Goodreads

"The writing is gorgeous and moody."

Jamie (The Rebellious Reader), Goodreads

"[R]ather than fairy-tale romance of men’s animal nature being tamed we get a fairy-tale mystery which covers romance, intrigue and also women deciding to be true to themselves. The romance here is the emotional beats left unsaid until the last minute and they really pack a punch."

"A lyrical, original, queer take on Beauty and the Beast, perfect for those who love historical retellings and thought-provoking emotional journeys."

"...explores the many guises beasts can appear around us, and finding the power to overcome and walk away."

Anders, Goodreads